Love me, Love me Not

Sexually Overrated


Photo by Andrew B. Meyers for GQ article

According to Siobhan Rosen, in an article in GQ magazine, “15 Overrated Sex Acts”, many women are overly frustrated with sex in general. Here is the list that was given. I would like to know what fellow readers think or this is just a bogus list. Some of things on the list I have experience and some I have never heard of and would like to know…

Who doesn’t spoon? I had no idea it was a sexual act…i guess it would eventually convert to “forking”.

Erotic Eating

So, am I am the only one who felt sticky the first time trying whip cream during a sexual encounter. SMH…major turn off.
No comment…lol!

I have never heard of this one…but the article says it has to do with a finger in the rear?!


Saying Thank You Afterward

I would smack the f…. outta you if you said thanks. I wasn’t for hire dammit!


Lights-On Sex
Never been shy about having lights on, but it seems more romantic with them off. Somes guys say they just want to watch it go in and out, I think it turns them on more.


Sex on the Beach
Never done it. Someone tell me how it was.


Reverse Cowgirl
This is cool only if his “manhood” can still reach comfortable.


Amateur Back Massage
A bad massage is a complete turn off for me, especially if the hands are rough as hell.


Titty Boffing
My boobs are not even big enough to try.


Tell me about it…


Anything from Pages 7 to 87 of the Kama Sutra
Looked at the pictures but really haven’t read the copy I own.


Never have. Never will. Unless…my women crush (Bey) would request my services. I know this would happen in a million years.


All “Sex Moves” Invented by 14-Year-Old Boys on Urban Dictionary, Including the Land Shark, the Dirty Sanchez, and Anything Else That Sounds Like a Villain from a 1930s Comic Book
Most adult sex movies are so overrated. I could watch or no watch. Doesn’t make me any difference. Never tried to make my own though…


Well, ladies and gents…what do you think or what have you tried? If you would like to view full article go to



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