Love me, Love me Not

Love Me, Love Me Not

Having those relationship blues? Me too. Sometimes I feel like I am out of the loop of relationship rules and I will never catch up. This new age wave of dos and don’ts has me baffled. What is the rule? Sex first and then getting to know someone later is the new trend of the new age relationships…I mean situation ships. Don’t hesitate to teach, expose or vent about the BS.


One thought on “Love Me, Love Me Not

  1. Just got me thinking about the other day when I went to the store to grab something. A young man approach me and asked for my number right away. Ummm…would you even like to know my name? was what I was thinking. So right away I apologetically lied and said that I had a boyfriend, but it did not sway him from trying to get my number any way. “Well we can be friends” was the respond I got. Yeah freaking right, gave the idiot the phone number to a local temp agency and still did not get asked my name. I’m just saying guys, game is so weak.


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