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Going Natural Can Be Messy

I have been “transitioning” for the last couple of years and there have been ups and downs. I have learned that going natural is just as time consuming as having my hair fried, dyed and lye. I have tried to completely stop using any kind of harsh chemicals and started using all the free and natural products out there. Well, after hundreds of dollars in buying products that look good on the commercials and magazine ads, I have come to realize most of those actress or models are already “virgin” naturals. They have never had chemically processed treatments to change the texture of their hair, so all those so called “natural” products will work for them and not me.

So after years of trying, i just started to relax and realized that I will need years of TLC to reverse the years of damage that i imposed on my mane. I do wear weaves and wigs, both as a protective style and a way to still feel beautiful during my “ratchet” bad hair days. Found this article on the Mayvenn blog that has wonderful ideas to help US feel more comfortable wearing hair enhancement through the “going natural” process. Please feel free to post any suggestions on styles and products that you have tried .



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