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5.85 Million People Cannot Vote

I have always wondered what are the real reason why so many people cannot vote. Myth says that anyone with a felony is automatically disqualified, but according to the Huffington post article by Marlon Peterson (read more…) only three states have this law. One of the states being Kentucky, while other state have waiting period of 2-7 after felony was convicted. There are some states that allows ex-felons to vote immediately after time is served.

My question is this fair or is our right to vote no matter what? In my opinion there should not be different laws for different states when it comes to federal elections such as the presidential election. And when it comes to local law, how can you expect taxes paid to fund local expenses from someone who can contribute to the making or amending local laws. Felons can still buy homes. They still have children that go to schools in the district. Sometimes, people to do learn from mistakes that led to felony convictions and become productive members of society.

What is your take on this matter?


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